Preview Scott Walker Bish Bosch

It’s been six years since Scott Walker’s last album, 2006’s masterful The Drift, so it’s exciting to know that a new one is imminent: Walker will release Bish Bosch on 12/4, via 4AD. The album’s odd title has three alleged meanings: 1) “bish” is slang for “bitch,” while Bosch refers to the Dutch painter Hieronymous; 2) “bish bosh” means “job done, sorted”; and 3) says Walker, “I was thinking about making the title refer to a mythological, all-encompassing, giant woman artist.” While not too many albums deserve “trailers,” not only does Bish Bosch warrant one, but it rewards the viewing experience. It’s a stunning avant-garde short that goes inside the studio with Walker and collaborators, soundtracked by a hypnotizing piece of new music, presumably from Bish Bosch. The visuals would be compelling with no context, but here, they’re totally fascinating: Among other things, musicians clang swords together and pour marbles into a kettle drum to achieve percussive elements (whose origins would likely be taken for granted without such documentation). It’s a really spectacular piece of film and I can’t stress enough that you watch it.

Bish Bosch will be out 12/4 on 4AD. Check out the absorbing and extensive Bish Bosch biography for detailed explanation of the project and synopsis of Walker’s career.

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