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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

I spent a pretty good chunk of the week in transit to or from New York, or doing New York things while I was in New York, so I didn’t see a lot of this weeks’ videos before the massive video-watching binge I went on this morning. And I have to say: Lots of good videos this week! Too many, maybe! Spread it out, people! A whole lot of good videos didn’t make the countdown this week. So if you don’t see your favorite video here, don’t be mad at me; be mad at the director who forgot to include the baby alligator hissing next to a bottle of Patron.

5. Meek Mill – “Burn” (Feat. Big Sean) (Dir. DRE Films)

Big Sean’s cousin, dressed in graduation robes, tongue hanging out of his mouth, waving around the giant stacks of cash that Big Sean has presumably just given him to mark the occasion, while flames burst and plume around him and an absurd test-model sports-car gleams behind him. When you’ve got a shot like that, all the alligators and Patron in the world are just icing on the cake.

4. OFF! – “Wrong” (Dir. Whitey McConnaughey) (NSFW-ish)

I am completely helpless before the whole fake-exploitation grainy ’70s violence aesthetic, to the point where I thought Machete was a very good movie. And I’d find Jack White’s whole onscreen persona a whole lot more tolerable if he’d only spend more time covered in other people’s viscera. So yeah, I really like this video.

3. Jack White – “I’m Shakin'” (Dir. Dori Oskowitz)

I like the idea that Jack White’s whole touring-with-two-bands thing, rather than being a simple superstar affectation, was all leading up to this video, in which those two bands would have to do battle. But more than that, the video rules because it’s done with extreme flashy professionalism, giving White and his associates plenty of chances to snarl and preen and hair-toss with absolute rock-star verve.

2. A-Trak & DJ Zinc – “Like The Dancefloor” (Feat. Natalie Storm) (Dir. Forever Pictures)

Some of the best parts of Zadie Smith’s spotty but occasionally beautiful new novel NW are the ones where she rhapsodizes about Carnival, the annual London tradition where people pack streets and dance to random sound-system setups, where bass-roars drown out other bass-roars. So it’s a treat to see that whole scene come to such vivid life so soon after reading that, with Forever Pictures turning the entire experience into a dizzy montage and rapper Natalie Storm tying it all together with crackling star-level charisma.

1. Lana Del Rey – “Ride” (Dir. Anthony Mandler)

LDR always seems to be on the edge of blowing it forever, but then she comes back with something like this: A gorgeously pretentious and pretentiously gorgeous version of romanticized American-underbelly beautiful bleakness. She looks like she’s having so much fun!