Huey Lewis & The News Take “Pineapple Express” To Kimmel

We’ve already talked about Team Apatow’s recruitment of Huey Lewis to contribute to the Pineapple Express soundtrack, that the film’s co-writer/star Seth Rogan was said to be hoping for a “Power Of Love” vibe. Success? Well, when we linked to the song, one commenter noted “pretty bland” while another was kinder, but basically said the same thing:

the song isn’t great–it’s not as great as power of love, for instance (and nowhere near heart of rock n roll or i wanna new drug), but they definitely got the vibe of power of love.

On Friday, Lewis delivered those vibes live on Jimmy Kimmel.

Off-key, Huey. (Yes, this soundtrack song is better.)

The Pineapple Express soundtrack is out 8/5 via Lake Shore. There’s a special MySpace page for it. Pineapple Express proper is in theaters 8/8.

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