Big Boi: Andre “Had To Do Some Gillette Shit”

Outkast were No. 3 in our list of the 20 Albums We’ve Been Waiting For Forever, and as we wrote about the band back then, “If you’ve been near a television recently, you’ll know that Andre 3000 is too busy shaving his moustache to record a new Outkast album.” Seems we weren’t alone in our frustration. In a recent Village Voice interview, Three Stacks’ partner, Big Boi, said he asked Dre to rap on “about five” songs from Big Boi’s forthcoming Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors, but “I guess he was just too busy. He said he had to do some Gillette shit.” Burn! But seriously, dude: Big Boi makes a good point. WTF?

The interview has one other kind of amazing revelation: Apparently Big Boi was offered the role of Damon Pope on Sons Of Anarchy! However, he turned it down because, as he says, “I was in the middle of this album and I was like ‘I can’t really do this right now.'” That role is currently being played by Harold Perrineau, of LOST and Oz, and I gotta say, while Perrineau is arguably one of three credible actors in that massive ensemble cast (check out Chuck Zito’s acting chops!), Big Boi would have made that character something else entirely. (Weirdly, Andre had a small recurring role on The Shield, the infinitely superior series on which SOA creator Kurt Sutter worked prior to this series.) Tons of missed opportunities here. At least Big Boi has a new album to show for them! What have you got, Dre?