Trapped In The Closet Returns

Over the weekend, the long-promised new episodes of Trapped In The Closet aired on IFC, and, as you might imagine, it was a completely confusing, endlessly entertaining installment gleaming with the high production values that teaming up with someone like IFC would suggest. As Kelly emphasized in the wink-heavy Chapter 23, he’s fully in on the joke these days — “I don’t have a job, so I just sit in the studio and think of stupid stuff to do,” Kelly told the audience at least week’s premiere — and that sentiment lent itself to some top-tier silliness: the drug lord Beeno, an entire chapter about geriatric Kels character Randolph’s sexual prowess, the promise of an “Out Of The Closet” talk show set piece for future chapters (Kelly promised “85” more chapters). Kelly also told the audience that the series was being adapted for Broadway before he led the audience in a sing-along of “I Believe I Can Fly.” Anyway, did anyone see it? What did you think? Could you watch hours more, or are they just sort of running it into the ground? Ruminate on that while I post Beeno-related screencaps beneath the post.