Hear J Mascis On Marc Maron’s WTF

Dinosaur Jr. guitar-mauler J Mascis is, infamously, probably the single worst interview in all of high-profile indie rock; he’s diffident, taciturn, and quiet, and he always gives off an air of vague perplexity that anyone would give a shit what he had to say about anything. Meanwhile, comedian and podcaster Marc Maron is one of the finest interviewers we’ve got; on every episode of his WTF podcast, he gets his subjects to ramble fascinatingly about their histories and neuroses. So I’m curious to hear what happens when Mascis and Maron sit down together. Mascis is the latest WTF interview, and you can stream or download the episode, which includes an acoustic performance, here.

Photo by Andrew Youssef @ Belly Up.