Young Dreams – “Fog Of War (Lemonade Remix)”

You know that a label believes it has a good thing on its hands when a remix EP is commissioned, featuring three redux champs, for a band’s debut single. In the case of Modular and Norwegian young guns Young Dreams, it seems like a wise enough investment. Based on what we know of them, anyway, which is the expansive “Fog Of War,” a track that manages to maintain an airy flutter while being viscerally propulsive via snatches of orchestral, electronic, and traditional rock elements. It’s a handful on a conceptual level, though it goes down incredibly smoothly, which is a very good trick. The Fog EP features redos by Vampire Weekend’s BAIO and the Swedish Balearic gourmands of Korallreven. It also has this one, from Brooklyn-via-SF trio Lemonade, who bathe the original in some low-key, sumptuous house and post-disco elements. It mostly repeats the vocal sample “where I am” / “it seems too much for me”, which is some pretty heavy existential shit. The backing production, though, keeps things balmy, cozy, and danceable, as if these were big “Life” thoughts percolating on a party night, during a critical juncture in your life, while in a club and/or on drugs. There are hand drums, too. Download it:

Young Dreams – “Fog Of War (Lemonade Remix)”
(via Modular’s Blog)

Here’s the original:

Young Dreams – “Fog Of War”

Young Dreams’s debut full-length is due early 2013 via Modular. The Fog Of War Remix EP, featuring turns from Korallreven and Baio, is available now at iTunes.

Here’s the Korallreven take:

And the BAIO version: