Wooden Wand – “Supermoon” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

As I said when I wrote up “Southern Colorado Song” in October: James Jackson Toth is a Stereogum contributor, but he’s much better known (and rightly so) by his musical alias Wooden Wand. As Wooden Wand, James has produced a majestic catalog of bleak and beautiful (and occasionally terrifying) folk/country/indie music. I won’t pretend to be unbiased here — I’m the dude’s editor, after all — but I will say that I was a fan of his music long before I had ever spoken to him, and Stereogum was covering him long before he wrote for us. We’ve got a new Wooden Wand video today, from the band’s forthcoming LP, Blood Oaths Of The New Blues. The song is an aching alt-country ballad with a quietly crushing lyric — Toth’s voice has never sounded better or more haunting — and the clip is every bit as somber, meditative, and dark. Check it out.

Wooden Wand – ‘Supermoon’ from fire records on Vimeo.

Blood Oaths Of The New Blues is out 1/7 via Fire Records.

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