Camper Van Beethoven – “Someday Our Love Will Sell Us Out” (Stereogum Premiere)

Long before he was lecturing interns on the economic plight of modern musician (and contending for the top spot in our list of 2012’s Biggest Band Beefs), David Lowery was fronting Camper Van Beethoven, one of America’s original “college rock” bands (the genre later known as “alternative rock,” and more recently, “indie rock”). The combination of Lowery’s laconic voice and Jonathan Segel’s lead violin — and the band’s fusion of folk and post-punk — made them a unique presence on the pre-Nirvana landscape (had they first appeared in the post-Nirvana universe, they would have fit right in). CVB is celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2013, and to celebrate, they’re releasing their first album of new material in eight years, La Costa Perdida. And today we’ve got the new album’s lead single, “Someday Our Love Will Sell Us Out” — a swirling, Eastern-flavored psychedelic jam. Check it out.

La Costa Perdida is out 1/22 via 429 Records.