Iceage – “Ecstasy” Video

Iceage have played New York City like a dozen times since the release of their still-great 2011 debut album, New Brigade — no small feat for a bunch of 20-year-olds from Copenhagen — and I have purchased tickets to at least three of those shows, yet somehow, I have never made it to the venue to see them. It almost feels like some weird Incan curse or something. Still, I persist. I have tickets to see them in Brooklyn tomorrow night with Raspberry Bulbs — another band I keep missing — and this time, I’m gonna be there, goddammit. Or will I? It’s like dark-side-of-the-moon temperatures in NYC this week.

No, no. I will. I was resolute upon hearing “Coalition,” the great first single from the band’s forthcoming album, You’re Nothing, and my resolve is steeled by the band’s new song/video, “Ecstasy.” The song is somehow both more melodic and more chaotic than anything on the debut: It’s a really jarring juxtaposition, and it drags me in like a whirlpool. The clip (directed by Catherine Pattinama Coleman) seems to flirt with images of neo-fascism, but maybe that’s just my unfair and unfortunate read. Watch the vid below, tell me what you see.

You’re Nothing is out 2/19 via Matador.

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