Watch Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Last night, the Baltimore Ravens won the motherfucking Super Bowl. Really, for those of us who come from Baltimore, everything else that happened is a footnote: The bizarre half-hour power outage that threatened to send the game into chaos, the Budweiser commercial with the horse that made everyone cry, the presence of porcupine cheerleaders at the Puppy Bowl. But we’re also lucky that last night had arguably the best halftime show since Prince tore it down a few years ago. Beyoncé, still apparently furious about all the talk of lip-syncing at the Inauguration, ripped through a strenuously choreographed, hit-jammed 14-minute show that took pains to highlight her absolutely-real vocal chops. Beyond a quick (and expected) Destiny’s Child reunion, the show had no celebrity guests, though it did have a female guitarist whose instrument shot sparks from both ends and a multiple-screen installation thing that made it look like Beyoncé was cloning herself in front of us. Watch the performance below before the NFL inevitably rains fiery hell down on all the YouTube posts.

And after that, this happened:

And then this. So yeah, good night. There’s a very real chance that I’m just giving Album Of The Week to the Baltimore Ravens.