Rhye – “Open” Video (Version 2)

Sensuous Sade-intoned LA R&B outfit Rhye have already taken one pass at a visual treatment for their supple love song “Open,” and it very fittingly framed pretty shots of couples dry humping. This new, Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen-directed version connects to their video for the ace track “The Fall,” in that the themes are the same: love is complicated, doubts are ever-present, it’s hard to stay open, the gnawing feeling of knowing something’s off. It’s not just a thematic thread, either: The troubled older couple from “The Fall” make a cameo near the end of this video about a younger couple setting up for the same, full-circle. Says Rhye: If you can’t stay open you’re bound to take the fall. Or maybe something not quite so literal. Or maybe that’s exactly what it is. Either way, that is good advice. And either way, this video and song are great. It’s mildly NSFW, if your work is squeamish about make-out scenes with lots of skin.