Rilo Kiley RKives Details

When I checked out the pre-order Amazon link for Rilo Kiley’s upcoming rarities compilation RKives commenter Jack tipped us off to yesterday (thanks, Jack!), I felt like I was being Catfish’d. There was no information about the release on the Little Record Company website, there was no album art and the tracklist was all in lower case with no punctuation, and a feature from Jenny’s “idol” Too $hort. Ten hours later, the press release came through confirming that this was all, in fact, a real thing. While the band is not reuniting, lead singer Jenny Lewis will still be productive around its release, accompanying the Postal Service on their reunion tour. Pierre De Reeder will appear on She & Him’s Volume 3. Check out the RKives tracklist below.

01 “Let Me Back In”
02 “It’ll Get You There”
03 “Runnin’ Around”
04 “All The Drugs”
05 “Bury, Bury, Bury Another”
06 “Well, You Left”
07 “Draggin’ Around”
08 “I Remember You”
09 “Dejalo (Zondo Remix)” (Feat. Too $hort)
10 “A Town Called Luckey”
11 “Emotional”
12 “American Wife”
13 “Patiently”
14 “Rest of My Life (demo)”
15 “About the Moon”
16 “The Frug”

rkives is out 4/2 on Little Record Company.

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