Hair Police – “Mercurial Rites”

Need something a little harsher to balance out the effortlessly gorgeous new MBV album? While everyone else was sitting around waiting for that album to emerge, another long-dormant band also abruptly announced their first record in quite some time. In less than a week, Hair Police (which includes Mike Connelly of Wolf Eyes) will release the hypnotically creepy Mercurial Rites, their first album in nearly half a decade. Check out the title cut streaming below. It’s unsettling stuff, but the Texas Chainsaw-style soundscapes are a reminder of how great it is to have this band back. The record comes from Type, a label that has recently released great albums from other noise veterans, including Pete Swanson (Yellow Swans) and Dominick Fernow (Prurient). Check out the track here. Now if we can just get Wolf Eyes to make another album ….

Mercurial Rites is out 2/11 from Type Records

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