Gibby Haynes And Jack White – “Paul’s Not Home” (Adrenalin O.D. Cover)

There was a lively conversation in the m b v comments yesterday regarding the subject of taking drugs to enhance (or not) one’s experience listening to music. But what about — to borrow a classic from Spacemen 3 — taking drugs to make music to take drugs to? As frontman of the Butthole Surfers for nearly three decades, Gibby Haynes would almost certainly have an opinion on that subject. Gibby’s reportedly been clean for years (in a 2007 interview, when asked what in his career he would have changed, Gibby stated unequivocally: “Drugs and alcohol … bad move. I would not recommend drugs and alcohol to anybody”), but the Surfers made a career out of pillaging like pirates while delivering some of the world’s most acid-damaged music since Syd Barrett went solo. And even clean, the dude is making some fucked-up tunes. Now, he’s teamed with Jack White (and White’s Third Man Records) for The Gibby Haynes Blues Series, which features Haynes on vocals and White on guitar for three tracks: two originals, “You Don’t Have To Be Smart” and “Horse Named George,” and a cover of Adrenalin O.D.’s “Paul’s Not Home.” We’ve got the latter track here, now. Tune in, turn on, drop out.

The Gibby Haynes Blues Series is out 2/14 via Third Man. According to the label, “[A] very limited number of copies of this single [will be] pressed on old medical x-rays from the Rolling Record Store in Austin, TX (the Butthole Surfers old stomping grounds…) during this year’s South By Southwest festival.”