And Then There Was Merch

HUGE thanks to Danny for switching Stereogum over to a Unix server over the weekend and installing the latest MT-Blacklist. Ultimately, that was the only option to block the spammers. (And as a further fuck off to our play-poker-online nemeses, I won $1500 in Atlantic City on Sat.)

Unfortunately, y’all missed my up-to-the-minute musings on Hilton Hacking 05. Does anyone think that it all might be fake? The photos (NSFW) seem too hi-res to come from the terrible Sidekick II camera (that shit is NEGATIVE megapixels). But I admit Paris’ dayplanner (this link is SFW!) seems real and is a blast to pore over. “10/18/04: call balthazar getty … make porn vid … disinfect vagina.”

Anyway, we recommend Gawker’s breathless coverage, and I’ll chime in when I finally get through to Lohan (“[email protected]”). Find your favorite starlet’s e-mail/digits here (SFW).

On the music front, Here’s a demo from the forthcoming HHH.

Hot Hot Heat – “Eyes Ears Mouth (Demo)”

Welcome back everyone.