Hiltongate 05: Leave The Ronsons Out Of This

Everybody’s talkin’ at me: are the numbers real? If you really wanna know, stop trying to connect to Ashlee Simpson and ring someone a little less famous.

For example,

Ronson, Samantha

You may remember Miss Ronson as the DJ in Episode 104 of My Super Sweet 16 or as the girl riding a bagel in a bad music video.

Here’s her current outgoing voicemail:

“I hate Paris Hilton. I’m not friends with her. If you’re calling because you think I’m friends with her, she got my number from someone else. Aight? Leave me alooooooooone. Please.”

Her sister’s iPod hoodies sure are cute, though.

Anyone get through to Fred Durst? DJ AM? “Dr Pat”? Post your stories in the comments.

*Number redactizzled; we feel bad ’cause gfy.com already fucked with her. Sorry Sam! We’re mad at Paris too!
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