Diplo, Skrillex, And A-Trak Start YouTube Music Network POTATO

For the past few days over social media, Diplo, Skrillex, and A-Trak have been dropping clues about a new project with the wacky name “Potato Will Eat You.” On a YouTube channel, they have each posted a short video of a cute animated potato with arms and legs wearing a crown, singing and dancing and burping. The YouTube channel links to POTATO.TV.

Now they’ve also released something a bit less abstract, a preview video explaining some more concrete details about POTATO, a forthcoming YouTube music network that will air feature programs, audio/video premieres, DJ mixes and more. It also appears, based on the video, that the group have some sort of surprise (launch?) planned for this Monday at 4pm. Skrillex mentioned the date on his Tumblr as well. Those who are intrigued might want to follow the Twitter account @potatowilleatu on Monday. Watch the video preview below: