Hi! I Am The New Weekend Editor

Hi! I Am The New Weekend Editor

~ HEY ~

I’m Liz. I’m new here, sort of. I started writing for Stereogum last summer, and as of today I will be here on Saturdays and Sundays as the weekend editor. I thought I would say “hey” and introduce myself a bit. I know there’s a lot of you who read this site every day, so maybe introduce yourself in the comments too?

I live in Allston, Massachusetts, and work at The Phoenix, an alt-weekly magazine, covering mostly music but also broader topics related to arts, activism, and general news. I’m an enthusiast of college/non-commercial radio, and until very recently hosted shows at both WZBC and WTBU, where I was the music director for a few years. I used to write a music blog with my twin sister called ‘Pelly Twins’ but now we are re-directing its energy into a print zine. I’m an advocate of DIY and underground artists, and throw a lot of shows at my house in Allston.

Some of my current favorite labels are Don Giovanni, Arbutus, and Captured Tracks. The last music-related purchases I made were a couple of cassette tapes from Night People by Happy Jawbone Family Band and Outside World, a 7-inch and a tape by an incredible DC punk band called Priests, as well as some vinyl from the Brooklyn-based distro Puzzle Pieces.

This is one of my current favorite songs:

I’m on Tumblr and Twitter, too. Thanks for reading.

(Illustration by Jenn Pelly.)

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