Staples Center Going Vegetarian For Morrissey

Morrissey is probably the most visible animal-rights advocate in music today, and while I’m a meat-eater, personally, I think it’s pretty cool that he’s using his live performances as leverage to affect some modicum of change, or at least force a discourse. Coachella allegedly offered to go vegetarian for a Smiths reunion, and now, L.A.’s Staples Center is going vegetarian for Moz’s 3/1 gig at the venue. McDonald’s outlets located in Staples will be closed during the show, while all other vendors will offer 100-percent vegetarian cuisine, and a portion of ticket proceeds will go to PETA. Amazingly, Sir Paul McCartney reportedly made the same request, and was denied. (The monarchy truly has declined.) Of course, the idea of eating McDonald’s at a Morrissey gig seems to me exceedingly strange, but it’s heartening to see the singer of the Smiths shut down the Evil Empire, if only for one night.

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