Beck – “Sound And Vision” 360-Degree Interactive Video

Well, Beck wins music videos for the day, probably for the week provided Kanye doesn’t release “Runaway II” or something. While last week it didn’t seem like Beck could get any more mad with 167-piece orchestra-fueled power, he has somehow already done so: The fully interactive video for Beck’s 9-minute cover of David Bowie’s “Sound And Vision” is now available here. Shot with 360-degree camera, recorded in 360-degree sound, and linked to your webcam so that the camera moves in response to your head turning, the Ford produced video is the definition of excess –- don’t believe me? The instructions for watching the video are longer than the original Bowie song. And it all works surprisingly well. It’s so overwhelming I forgot they were even playing a Bowie song about halfway through -– I’m pretty sure Beck did, too. But it doesn’t matter when the video is this over-the-top. You get the choice of three camera angles that you can switch between during the video, one facing the audience, one on Beck, and one in the back focusing more on the massive orchestra. Go for the orchestra one, it’s basically the “It’s A Small World” Disneyland ride for every instrument you can think of.

Tags: Beck, David Bowie