Splash – “Ever Before” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Splash is the new project of Etienne Pierre Duguay, erstwhile Real Estate drummer, presenting itself as a “‘meta-gendered’ transcendental boogie pop band” also featuring Nicky Sprinkles, Sasha Desree, and Bushwick DJ fixture Jan Woo. They tour with FRIENDS (with benefits), and based on the aesthetic of their press shots and this clip’s warped VHS video FX, are similarly steeped in ’80s consciousness. Sonically it’s more Human League than ESG, though, with tinny beats and Madonna-era pop style, and the “Ever Before” video paints the group as an MDMA-dusted boy band, lamping in McCarren Park, goofing in front of green screens, cross-dressed. You get all that when the song drops proper at 2:30; until then, the Luke Wyatt-directed video is a surrealist, ritualistic A/V collage — Tim & Eric gone pagan. Also making the later cut: Liv Tyler, donuts, and a bunch of B-movies. It’s a lot to process, right here:

Here more Splash at their Soundcloud page. The band plays the new Silent Barn in Ridgewood next Thursday 2/28.