Stream The Spring Breakers Soundtrack

After the video for Trinidad James’s “All Gold Everything (Remix)” was released, Tom took to the Twitterverse to assist him in uncovering the identity of the “dreadlocked crustpunk-looking dude standing next to Young Jeezy.” The guy in the video is rapper White from Jeezy’s label CTE. We know this because the person who gave Tom the intel was my boyfriend, who I now know, because of this Twitter exchange, has a bounty of knowledge — as does Tom — on dirtbag white rappers. One that came up is Dangeruss, who is the real inspiration behind James Franco’s cornrowed-and-gold-grilled character in the upcoming Harmony Korine film Spring Breakers (sorry, Riff Raff). The film was scored by Skrillex and former-Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Cliff Martinez (who was also responsible for the pulsating Drive score), who make a really interesting team. Here, the wub meets ominous incandescence. It’s moody and glittery, the exact kind of thing that belongs in a film about teenage girl robbers blowing off steam while getting into loads of trouble mid-semester. No doubt the movie will be more disturbing than campy romp, as Korine has a penchant for pointing out the unsettling reality of youth, and the score toes that line between that place and blind buoyancy. It also features already released tracks from Waka Flocka Flame, Rick Ross, and Gucci Mane, who is also in the film. And yes, Dangeruss does have a cut on the soundtrack and, naturally, it features vocals from Franco. Stream it over at Pitchfork Advance.