FIDLAR – “Max Can’t Surf II: The Zuk Trip” (Music Video)

FIDLAR seems to be gaining a reputation for awesome videos. After reappropriating Creedence Clearwater Revival footage for “Gimme Something,” they now return with a semi-sequel (it’s still the same song) of the music video for “Max Can’t Surf.” Dubbed “Max Can’t Surf II: The Zuk Trip,” you might roll your eyes at the very beginning (character drops a tab of acid and has a wacky trip has become a pretty well-worn trope lately) but expect your mind to be completely blown by what FIDLAR delivers.

You will see backflips on hover boards, you will experience space pizza, the man-in-the-moon screams about cigarettes, guitars shoot lasers, a fucking planet explodes, the band even has time to fly into their previous music video. It actually reminds me of the sort of videos Patton Oswalt was talking about in his classic bit on heavy metal in the ’80s. This really is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen all day, and that’s counting Eric Wareheim’s fantastic Beach House video. Enjoy “The Zuk Trip,” below.

FIDLAR’s self titled debut is out now on Mom + Pop Music