You Should Watch Sigur Rós’s Set From MOMA

Not like you didn’t already, but go ahead and expect to see a Sigur Rós show near the top of this year’s Top Live Shows. Of the two I’ve seen in ’08, Bonnaroo was particularly ridiculous (even more ridiculous: a friend who spoke to the quartet afterwards said they were “inconsolable” about it, which makes exactly four people in that tent who didn’t lose their minds in bliss). The set a few days later, at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art, was great in that it was a Sigur Rós show, in NYC’s Museum of Modern Art, and at a time when the band’s taken on new vitality and an even richer, untouchable catalog. But the sound, let’s just say MoMAs are not built for rock bands.

Anyway CurrentTV filmed the show, and I came upon it flipping through channels last night. Per usual everyone in the room stopped mid-sentence, snapping to minutes later. The acoustics may have been boomy in the room those months ago, but you won’t hear any of that here. (In fact, at times it seems like we’re hearing Jonsi’s voice better than he was in the monitors.) The whole thing’s streaming in an embed box, so, point: Today’s a good day to mentally punch out 46 minutes early and stare at your computer.

(via Beggars

Photos from the show here. Setlist:
01 “svefn-g-englar”
02 “glosoli”
03 “se lest”
04 “ny batteri”
05 “vid spilum endalaust”
06 “hoppipolla”
07 “med blodnasir”
08 “vidrar vel til loftarasa”
09 “saeglopur”
10 “inni mer syngur vitleysingur”
11 “olsen olsen”
12 “hafsol”
13 “gobbledigook”
14 iceland national anthem
15 “popplagid”

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