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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Usually, especially during the weeks where I liked a K-pop video or two, I do my best to explain what, exactly, I enjoy about the videos I list here. This week, though, Scott and I are on our way out the door to Stereogum’s Range Life party, which is about to start. That means I don’t have time to say exactly why I like these videos, so I’m skipping the blurbs and just embedding the clips instead. (I would, however, like to highlight the masterfully absurd way the AraabMuzik video turns MPC button-mashing into some sort of mythic, tribal Conan-style through-the-ages pursuit.) If you’re in Austin, come to our show! If you’re not, enjoy the videos below.

5. Joanna Newsom – “The North Star Grassman And the Ravens” (Dir. Maximilla Lukacs)

4. Earl Sweatshirt – “Whoa” (Feat. Tyler The Creator) (Dir. Tyler The Creator)

3. AraabMuzik – “The Prince Is Coming” (Dir. Tilla)

2. AlunaGeorge – “Attracting Flies” (Dir. Emil Nava)

1. Foals – “Late Night” (NSFW) (Dir. Nabil)