Fryars – “On Your Own” Video

If Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” wasn’t your pull-at-the-heartstrings wave, then perhaps Fryars’ video for “On Your Own” will cause a rumbling in your tear ducts. The Olivier Grouix-directed clip is littered with tear-soaked girls and even a morose-looking pony, which just embellishes the song’s tone of loneliness. If you’re watching in an office, my tips for desk-weeping are holding your breath and looking up a lot. It worked for me for JT — seriously, old people in love? I can’t — and it worked for this, too. But now Scott and Michael know I’m not grabbing for tissues for my sneezing fits but because I am soft. Find out if you are, too, by watching the video below.

(via GvB)

Fryars’ upcoming album is due out this year via 679.

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