New Ben Folds & Regina Spektor – “You Don’t Know Me” & Way To Normal Album Art

You got a look and listen at the stop-motion antics of a mini-Ben Folds in the “Hiroshima” video the other day. Long before that, we’d been compiling other Way To Normal details and sounds. The other day a commenter mentioned hearing the majority of the record and stated: “This is a monumentally horrible album. He’s squandered all of his stock-piled Ben Folds Five love.” Agree/disagree? According to my favorite news source Wikipedia:

On 16 July 2008,an anonymous user posted what they claimed was a “leak” of Ben’s latest album on fan site The file contained nine tracks along with a PDF of supposed cover art, and was a mix of what appeared to be legitimate songs from Way to Normal and bizarre pastiches of foul-mouthed humor and melodramatic pop. It is generally believed by Folds’ fanbase that the file was leaked by Ben himself in an elaborate joke, however, the truth apparently will only be revealed when the real album becomes available.

That said, maybe it’s still too early to cast stones, but you can add this particular version of “You Don’t Know Me,” Folds’s duet with Regina Spektor, to the judgment pile, along with the Way To Normal cover art.

So this may or may not be the final mix of the song, but the bigger concern is which sitcom uses it first. Maybe this one:

Way To Normal is out 9/30 on Epic.

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