Philly Gets A Kurt Vile Parade This Weekend

Philadelphia does love a parade and this weekend they will extend their streets with open arms to their indie rock son Kurt Vile for a Tom Sharpling-hosted affair. I am not going to accuse the dude of being the current King Of Whimsy, but between last week’s informercial for “Never Run Away” starring his adorable daughter and this upcoming display of jubilation, the guy is at least a total beacon of positivity. The time and location have not been set, but you can email [email protected] for this Saturday’s specifics. Philly Stereogum commentariat: We look forward to your Instagrams and Twitpics. Feel free to come back and leave them in the comments!

Vile’s Waking On A Pretty Daze is out 4/9 via Matador.

[Photo via Matablog]