Team Spirit – “Jesus, He’s Alright” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Former-Passion Pit member Ayad Al Adhamy’s band Team Spirit are prone to heavy riffs, as evidenced by “Phenomenon” from their 2012-released self-titled EP. With “Jesus, He’s Alright” they’ve gone full-throttle toward house party jam. The kind of thing that catapults the party from remembering to throw out their empties to absent-mindedly leaving half-drank tallboys on top of the fridge. For the video — which is on the other side of the coin from Passion Pit’s released-today, somber clip for “Cry Like A Ghost” — Team Spirit takes the bash to church. If you’ve ever wondered what the Ten Commandments would be like if they were rules for partying, then this is the video for you. Directed by Ian Perlman featuring animation from Swedish duo HannesJohannes. Check out the video, which is part one in a series of five, below.

Team Spirit is out 4/9 via VICE/Warner Bros.