Shellshag – “Forever” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

There is a lot of history embedded in each song by Brooklyn-via-San Francisco punk duo Shellshag. In the band, John Shell plays guitar, Jen Shag plays drums standing up and wears a belt of bells for added percussion, and both sing. Together, the couple have been crossing the country for 15 years, bringing their hooky heartfelt pop-punk anthems to countless basement shows and DIY spaces. On April 20th, Shellshag releases their most fully realized record to date, the aptly titled Shellshag Forever, via Don Giovanni. Below, check out a video for “Forever,” a microcosmic look into the record’s story. “I just can’t picture me and you in any other life,” the duo sing together. “This is what we are meant to do forever.” The video shows the duo assembling their stage set-up, their “flying V-shaped mic” they both sing into facing one another. Together with the lyrics, the video is a quick glimpse into the sort of genuineness that has drawn those in punk and underground circles to Shellshag for years.

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