The Child Of Lov – “Fly” (Stereogum Premiere)

Earlier this year, the Child Of Lov, dropped one of the best party videos for his track “Give Me.” Its greatness was in that it felt like it was home movie — do we call them home movies anymore? — capturing a good time that actually happened, playing into up his anonymity (although, we now know he’s an Amsterdam-based singer named Cole Williams!), and left me curious about what else was to come from the Damon Albarn-collaborator. Williams is gearing up to deliver his self-titled LP this spring and “Fly” is the first single. It’s a true representation of his love for J Dilla and D’Angelo with the kind of hook that stitches itself into your brain and never leaves — but in a good way. Check out the track and The Child Of Lov tracklist below.

01 “Call Me Up”
02 “Heal”
03 “One Day” (Feat. Damon Albarn)
04 “Living The Circle”
05 “Give Me”
06 “Go With The Wind”
07 “Owl” (Feat. DOOM)
08 “Fly”
09 “Warrior”
10 “Give It To The People”

The Child Of Lov is out 5/7 via Double Six/Domino.