Deerhunter – “Monomania” & Fallon Performance

Deerhunter – “Monomania” & Fallon Performance

Credit Bradford Cox with knowing how to seize a moment. Last month, Cox’s band Deerhunter announced the impending release of their new album Monomania, recorded on eight-tracks in Brooklyn earlier this year. Last night, they posted a stream of the album’s title track, a supremely catchy piece of dessicated but jangly garage rock that devolves into a feedback tape-loop freakout before sputtering to a close. And soon afterward, the band played the song on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, turning in the sort of performance that’s going to linger around in our collective brain for a while. The band dressed in a slightly degraded take on what an early-’60s rock band might wear on TV, and Cox performed in a new persona, which he’s apparently calling “Connie Lungpin,” in a shaggy wig and bloody bandaged stump-fingers and Dracula mouth, wandering off through the studio catacombs while his band was still playing the song. It was a stunt, sure, but very few late-night performances have that sense of instability, that we can’t quite be sure what’s about to happen. Very few have me this excited about what the band’s going to do next. Hear the song and watch the performance below.

Monomania is out 5/7 on 4AD.

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