Jimmy Tamborello Discusses Postal Service’s Aborted Second Album, Upcoming Tour

The recent reunion of the Postal Service (and release of two new tracks) had a lot of fans wondering if another album was in the works — speaking of which, why haven’t they made another album!? Actually, they tried to. In a recent interview with Exclaim.ca, Jimmy Tamborello (aka Dntel) revealed some info about what became of the second Postal Service album.

It turns out, Tamborello explained, the Postal Service was recording a follow up to Give Up back in 2006. Due to the busy schedules of both him and Ben Gibbard (who was recording Narrow Stairs at the time) this second record never really came together, except for (and here’s the twist) the two songs that appear as bonus tracks on the reissue.

“We were trying to get a record together, but we didn’t get very far. Those two songs got the closest to being finished,” Tamborello explained to Exclaim. So if you want an idea of what the second Postal Service album would have sounded like give “Turn Around” and “A Line Of Tattered String,” another listen below, and check out the full interview on Exclaim.ca for Tamborello’s full explanation and details about approaching the upcoming performances in such big venues.