Lavender Diamond – “I Don’t Recall” Video

Becky Stark a/k/a Lavender Diamond released a new record last year, Incorruptible Heart, her first since 2007. Back in September, we showed you the video for “Everybody’s Heart’s Breaking Now.” Now, check out a new video for “I Don’t Recall,” the album’s third track, directed by Jena Malone. Below, check out the video as well as what the director had to say about it.

Director Jena Malone told MTV Buzzworthy:

This video was inspired by a painting I’ve been obsessed with for years. It’s called “Christina’s World ” by Andrew Wyeth. As an actor I love using painting and photographs when I’m in the beginning stages of developing a character. And Andrew Wyeth is an artist I seem to always come back to again and again. No one can touch how we sees women. His mood and tone are so raw and personal but heart achingly beautiful. In the painting a young woman is laying in a field looking back at a farmhouse. But it’s her body language which is the most impactful. It looks like she has been crawling or has fallen in the dirt. Her body language plays between that wonderful balance of longing and acceptance of one’s fate. And when I listened to the song, I felt it spoke of similar things. Instantly I knew that I wanted set a lighthearted, humorous as you say, tone to play into the therapeutic aspect of dealing with a broken heart. While exploring her own private female disasters.