New Conor Oberst Video – “Souled Out!!!”

Sorta loving everything Conor is up to these days. “Souled Out!!!” was a grabber from first stream, and his self-titled record with the Mystic Valley Band delivered with a rural, dusty, warm return-to-form LP. This first Alan Tanner-directed video from Conor Oberst is on point, too, firstly and foremostly for the reminder that Conor no longer looks like this, and also because it plays like the smile and wink you can hear in Conor’s voice throughout the track. He wakes up, goes for a walk, gets a haircut, plays in scuba gear (ala old friends), all on location, and by on location, I mean standing in front of a lo-fi movie projector screen with the occasional prop and costume change and tossed lock of hair.

Given all the metaphysical allusions and the clip’s projected images, it’s not too hard to see this as a riff on Plato’s cave allegory from The Republic. Or it just might be a fun and low cost way to make a good video. Either way, score. Conor played Leno and Ferguson this week, but YouTube hasn’t felt like playing along. Yet.

Conor Oberst is out on Merge.

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