Check Out Third Man’s Vinyl Record Recording Booth

Record Store Day is upon us — this Saturday, 4/20 to be exact — and Jack White, ambassador of the whole shebang, and his Nashville hub for Third Man Records will unveil a brand new analog machine, the Third Man Recording Booth, at the store for the event. Like the Mold-O-Rama and Dip’n’Dunk photobooth before it, the Third Man Recording Booth is a popular relic from the past, a Voice-O-Graph machine, which gives you the opportunity to commit your own 2-minute recording to wax. From the press release:

[The Third Man Recording Booth] dispenses a one-of-a-kind 6″ phonograph disc to the user. Whether it be a song, a message to a lover, an audio postcard, or just the curiosity of a process that has mystified so many folks for ages, the ability to “hear yourself as others hear you” is not only a tagline here…it’s an invitation, a charge, a call to arms.

An arcade staple through the middle of the 20th century and famously used by Martin Sheen’s character in the film Badlands, these “make your own record” booths were popular audio peculiarities that fell out of vogue in the 1960s and 70s. Like the records of old, users of the Third Man Recording Booth are encouraged to mail their recording to a loved one. Third Man even offers custom-printed envelopes and postage stamps to make that happen. Located across the room from Third Man’s Dip’n’Dunk photo booth folks can even throw in a photo strip with the record to make it extra special.

The Third Man Recording Booth will be the only machine of its kind in the world that is both operational and open to the public. The booth will run on custom Third Man tokens already in use in the Third Man Novelties Lounge.

Watch a video below of the machine in action, featuring Brendan Benson of the Raconteurs. Read our list of the ten most anticipated RSD release here.