New Radiohead: ‘Arpeggi’

Reader Josh writes in:

Last night’s performance of new song ‘Arpeggi’ has already surfaced on the web. A recording of the track – performed by Jonny, Thom and the Nazareth Orchestra at the Ether Festival – can be found on the At Ease message board as well as an amazing perfomance of ‘Where Bluebirds Fly’, a short(!) video of ‘Arpeggi’ and an mp3 of ‘Smear.’

Anyone hear? Should we be excited? Check back later for an audio link.

UPDATE: Jonny Greenwood & Thom Yorke w/ The Nazareth Orchestra – “Arpeggi” (Live At The Ether Festival 3/27/05) (Sorry, link temporarily removed for bandwidth reasons.)

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