Cheer Up Conor Oberst

I forgot The Onion existed! Thanks Kevan for sending this my way:

Nation Planning Surprise Party To Cheer Up Conor Oberst
OMAHA, NE ? American citizens are coordinating efforts to lift the spirits of wünderkind singer-songwriter Conor Oberst, sources reported Monday. “I saw Conor’s picture in a Spin article about Bright Eyes, and he just looked so down,” said Lindsey Keisner of Youngstown, OH, one of the party’s 4,000 planners. “The country feels really bad that he’s going through such a rough spell, so next Friday, everyone who can should meet in Omaha with balloons, funny cards, and silly little gag gifts.” Britt Daniel from Spoon will lure Oberst to Omaha by asking him to overdub some vocals.

Kevan’s friend BJ wrote tonight’s Office (“Diversity Day” episode) so you should try to Tivo that. Supposed to be funny.