Le1f – “Spa Day” Video

When Le1f released Fly Zone this year, “Spa Day” was one of the tracks I immediately latched on to. One of the places where Le1f excels is picking beats that sound like they’re the kind of rap tracks we’ll be listening to when we have flying cars. Another is his way of throwing shade in the most nuanced ways. A lot of folks missed it on “Wut” because of how raspy the vocals are, but verse two on that song is littered with the most bravado-laden lyrics of 2012. “Spa Day” is equally aggressive, despite the song’s title. His mean mug throughout the video, while he’s bouncing from bathtub to hot tub to shower, just emphasizes that it’s not a fluffy track about relaxing, it’s shade on top of shade on top of shade. The phrase “that’s cute” never hurt so badly. You can spot a chunk of his Greedhead labelmates in the clip, which is below.

(via Fader)

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