The Lonely Island – “Go Kindergarten” (Feat. Robyn)

The Lonely Island and Robyn’s “Go Kindergarten” is probably the group’s most non-sequitur-laden track in their catalogue, although commands like “make your butt look flat,” among other body part-instructions are nothing out of the ordinary for the trio. This video is not their usual Digital Short-caliber fare, but instead grainy footage of people dancing with paper bags on their heads. It also takes a stab at the weirdly hashtag-heavy clip for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” While I think we do need to continue taking people to task for this odd promo-behavior, I can’t help but feel like the guys could have taken a tip from that video and also featured T.I. brushing a girl’s hair. It just makes everything a little bit better. Check it out below.

The Wack Album is out 6/11 via Republic. Here’s the tracklist:

01 “Dramatic Intro”
02 “Go Kindergarten” [ft. Robyn]
03 “Hugs” [ft. Pharrell Williams]
04 “Diaper Money”
05 “YOLO” [ft. Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar]
06 “You’ve Got the Look” [ft. Hugh Jackman and Kristen Wiig]
07 “Spell It Out”
08 “Semicolon” [ft. Solange]
09 “Where Brooklyn At?” (Interlude)
10 “Spring Break Anthem”
11 “I’m a Hustler”
12 “We Are a Crowd”
13 “I F****d My Aunt” [ft. T-Pain]
14 “Meet the Crew”
15 “3-Way (The Golden Rule)” [ft. Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga]
16 “I Run NY” [ft. Billie Joe Armstrong]
17 “I Don’t Give a Honk”
18 “We Need Love”
19 “The Compliments” [ft. Too $hort]
20 “Perfect Saturday”