Disclosure – “When A Fire Starts To Burn” Video

At this point, whomever’s it is investing in Disclosure is obviously well aware they have a special thing on their hands: two cute brothers steeped in UK garage making emotional, sincere, artful — and in the case of “When A Fire Starts To Burn,” outright banger — dance music that is incredibly smart but never suffers for it. They’re like what James Blake could have been, if he was more interested in filling dance floors rather than making them think. Also this is a good week for you if you like Disclosure, as the “When A Fire” video is our sixth post on them since Monday. So all of those things said, director Bo Mirosseni right with this clip, which is replayable as Disclosure is repeatable: an enviably diverse congregation sweats in an imagined church where the preacher morphs into the song’s vocalist, and each congregant feels the spirit goofily enough to warrant playbacks to focus on each. If Disclosure actually broke in the ’90s instead of just sounding like it, they’d have tapped Spike Jonze for this video, and it’d look like this basically:

Settle is outstanding, and is out 6/3 on PMR.