Stream Black Sabbath 13

Stream Black Sabbath 13

When I gave a negative review to “The End Of The Beginning,” the second single to be released from Black Sabbath’s 13, I did so based on a ridiculous edit of the song wedged into a pandering, cringe-inducing CSI segment. I was unaware, though, that I was listening to a truncated version of the track, and once made aware, I rescinded my review — to be revisited at a later date, when I could hear the whole thing. Now listening to the complete song in context, I gotta admit … it sounds a whole lot better than I’d been led to believe. I was impressed by lead single “God Is Dead?” too. I’m inclined to be ambivalent about 13, but the music itself is beating down my skepticism. I’m listening to this album for the first time right now — not analyzing it, just playing the thing and letting it sink in — and it sounds pretty freaking good.

You can listen, too, and you should — it’s streaming over at iTunes now. Go give it a spin and let me know what you think in the comments.

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