Stream The Hairs The Magic’s Gone EP (Stereogum Premiere)

Since 2010, the Hairs’ lo-fi pop has been a mainstay of the Stereogumisphere, including the animated-Internet, Dean Fleisher-Comp-directed video for “Duh x 12.” Later this week, the Brooklyn-based group will release a brand new EP The Magic’s Gone and we have it here for you to check out today. They’re also celebrating its release this Saturday (6/8) with Hippy and Radical Dads at Cake Shop in NYC. Stream the EP and check out the soirée details below.

01 “The Magic’s Gone”
02 “Tennis Penis”
03 “Birds Shit Then Sing”
04 “Bury The Hatchet, The Chainsaw, And Whatever Else You Got”

The Magic’s Gone is out 6/7 via Break Records.

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