New Coral Video – “Being Somebody Else”

The Coral’s following 2007’s Roots & Echoes with The Singles Collection, a double CD that includes a bunch of singles (clearly) along with the new track, “Being Somebody Else.” The video for “Being” has an old film flicker aesthetic, the Brits singing about black magic while dressing in monster, gorilla, and bear masks, sometimes echoing other animals like the Beatles or Monkees via their pastoral escapades. There’s also inky animation of a shape-shifting creature in the woods and live footage of the band minus Halloween finery. It likely doesn’t add up to much beyond the guys “Being Somebody Else,” but its autumnal look/feel is pleasing.

The Singles Collection is out 9/15 via Deltasonic. “Being Somebody Else” is out as its Single on 9/8.

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