R.I.P. Arturo Vega

Arturo Vega, who was the Ramones’ artistic director for over 22 years, passed away on Saturday at age 65. In addition to designing the Ramones’ iconic logo (above), Arturo Vega was the band’s graphic designer, creating their album art and stage designs over the years. He was also a very close friend of the band. Vega lived in a loft nearby CBGBs and let Joey and Dee Dee live with him before releasing their first record. “He was a gentleman and a warm hearted, soft spoken genial man with a dry wit,” wrote the San Francisco Bay Guardian. “Later in his life, he became a fitness fanatic and chronicler of all things Ramone.” Please Kill Me author Legs McNeil on Facebook: “Sleep gently my dear friend. You were the must optimistic, jubilant and fun pal anyone could wish for. I don’t know what the world will be like without, nor do I want to even imagine it… But I know you will find eternal happiness wherever you end up….I love you Arturo.”