Young Galaxy – “New Summer” Video

As we’ve pointed out before, Canadian electro-pop band Young Galaxy (Polaris Prize long-listers in both 2010 and 2011) have been pairing songs from their latest record, Ultramarine, with some pretty funky music videos. Their latest, for “New Summer” (the album’s third single), is no exception.

The clip features mammoth smoke clouds and large-scale explosions littering a metropolis in slow-motion. It’s as if they’ve been decelerated, cooled down almost, by the song’s frosty synth blips and spirit-like vocals, and the effect is chilling. “Hey, it’s a new summer/ Can we live there like it’s our last one?” begs vocalist Catherine McCandless in the song’s hook – and if the video is any indication, it looks like we will have to. Watch it now.

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