Stream Blondes Swisher

Today marks the return of the hypnotic, analog-electronics duo Blondes, whose loping beat meditations we last heard on their 2012 self-titled LP for RVNG. The new nine-track, 65-minute set is titled Swisher, and according to its announcement, comes with honed percussive elements and a broader draw on ’70s-era cosmiche electronica. The best part about those details? You can verify them for yourself, right now: Swisher isn’t out physically until 8/6 (via RVNG), but the whole platter’s streaming in its entirety, with freaked/tweaked visuals by Greg Zifcak, right here. Go in:

Here’s the tracklist to what you just heard:

01 “Aeon”
02 “Bora Bora”
03 “Andrew”
04 “Poland”
05 “Clasp”
06 “Swisher”
07 “Rei”
08 “Wire”
09 “Elise”

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