Watch St. Vincent And Matt Sweeney Jam And Talk Guitars

In this, the eighth episode of the Noisey show Guitar Moves, industrious guitarist Matt Sweeney sits on a couch with Annie Clark aka St. Vincent. There’s nothing but guitars between them, yet it is guitars that bring them together. (New tagline for your show, Noisey.) That is this show’s premise, essentially: Matt interviews people while they sit and intermittently play guitar together. Annie’s there to promote her tour with David Byrne, and has adjusted her hair in Mr. Byrne’s honor. (That may or may not be true, but either way her do was one of the best things about Bonnaroo 2013.) Watch Matt and Annie jam and trade stories/licks for 13 minutes below. If you’re into it, scroll on for a few prior episodes from the series, including Dean Ween and Jake Bugg.