Fresh Touch – “Latest Style” (Feat. Damon Albarn, Alex Kapranos, Flea, Nick Zinner)

Much like Record Store Day, London’s Independent Label Market encourages listeners to buy music by offering limited-edition vinyl releases produced exclusively for the event in question. Tomorrow, the fifth Independent Label Market will convene — at Old Spitalfields Market in East London — and among the other goodies to be snatched up is a set of 12″ records called Vinyl For Syria, proceeds from which go to Oxfam’s Syria Crisis Appeal. Contributors to Vinyl For Syria include Beth Orton, Editors, and Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, but most enticing is the star-loaded cut from Fresh Touch (African-influenced producers Richard Russell and Rodaidh McDonald) featuring Damon Albarn, Alex Kapranos, Flea, and Nick Zinner. It’s a lineup that, on paper, makes Damon’s other supergroups (Gorillaz; Rocket Juice & The Moon; the Good, The Bad & The Queen) look pretty meek by comparison; however, to be honest, the contributions of those A-listers are pretty hard to distinguish here. You can hear that song, “Latest Style,” as well as all the Vinyl For Syria tracks below.

[Via the Guardian]